Ilavsky Chartered Accountants

A Full service boutique chartered accountancy firm.

Located in The Beaches, Toronto, we cater to small and mid-sized clients with a focus on tax and estate planning. In addition, the firm offers bookkeeping and consulting services.

Accounting Services
For Everyone

Personal Tax

Why stress through tax season? Leave us to worry about the numbers and concentrate on maximizing your situation.

We specialize in self employed, rental properties, foreign income and maximizing those child credits.


We can help you through the many services we offer, including filing your corporate tax return, GST/HST returns, balancing your bookkeeping and completing year end financial statements.

Additionally, we provide CFO level expertise on a part-time basis to save your firm from hiring a full time Chief Financial Officer. We offer Consulting, Audit Assistance, Financial Planning, Forecasting and Projections, Cash Flow and Budgeting services to all businesses.

Financial Planning

Too small for a full accounting department, but too big to take the workload on yourself? Then you need our back office accounting needs. We’ll send a bookkeeper to your office; we’ll handle your payroll, cut your cheques and review your information weekly, monthly, quarterly – whatever you need.

If you need financials and budgets for bank financing, we can walk you through the process and help you work towards that goal. We can organize and attend Board meetings where your important financial and business performance will be conveyed to the people that matter most – your staff.


Our focus on estate planning ensures your Terminal, Trust and Estate Tax Returns are in good hands.

Helpful Checklists

Ilavsky Chartered Accountants has prepared the following checklists to help you assemble the information required.

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Ilavsky Chartered Accountants has prepared the following checklists to help you assemble the information required.

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